Green Care

At Wetterindochine, green is not a trend, it’s an ongoing mission

The world we live in eternally is changing and many of us find our lives evolving with it. Throughout the granules of time from one generation to the next, our homes have been shaped according to our lifestyles. Our home is often the place of retreat, where we find our peace and quiet. Since its inception in 1998, Wetter (Indochine) Limited has continuously ventured in remaining cutting edge.

Wetter is a modern lifestyle company with a passion for quality, pureness, simplicity and design combined with an Asian sophistication. We offer a variety of products, which range from lacquer, rattan, bamboo, wood, metal, water hyacinth and sea grass.


Each Wetterindochine product is handmade and crafted in Vietnam and our production is humanized. In other words, we do not produce any carbon dioxide emissions created though mechanized production lines.


Our representative office is located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. In June 2009, Centre Point office building opened to become Vietnam’s first green office building to achieve a sustainable-rating under the Australian Building Greenhouse Rating (ABGR), as well as the Green Star rating system, the most comprehensive rating system in Australia. Aligning with our desires to work and live green we became one of the first companies to move into this environmentally friendly building.


We recognize that going green is a global effort and with a greener world in site we have aligned ourselves with international transportation services for the transportation of our products. All of the companies have made noteworthy efforts to reduce their emissions and to be environmentally friendly.


Our entire overhead lighting grid uses Tri-phosphor fluorescent light tubes. These bulbs generate a high output of cool light, while remaining energy efficient and emitting extremely low levels of heat. We use energy saving lighting systems wherever possible.


All of our master pallets and boxes are made of recycled materials and can be recycled after use. In 2002, we developed a special master pallet, which is made entirely out of carton and can be folded flat and recycled after transport. Our 3 or 5 layer carton boxes are made out of plantation and recycled pulp. Additionally, we developed a packaging which can be used in the stores with no re-packaging necessary at destination.


All of our painted materials use lead free paint. This ensures not only a beautiful handicraft, but also that we give our customers an environmentally safe product.


We use dishware for all consumption of food and drink in our office. We minimize waste that would be generated through the use of paper or plastic dishes and since our office building is a green building the water used to wash our dishes is managed to reduce waste.


Wetter’s first choice is to go paperless whenever possible. We avoid color printing & for simple documents we always print in draft mode. We store paper which has only been used on one side for use at a later time in order to conserve waste. For our office stationary we use only plantation fiber. Plantation fiber paper is an excellent source for paper and it doesn’t enable the destruction of the rainforest.