The Vietnamese have known the techniques of lacquer work since ancient times when it was used for waterproofing barges. Around 1450 BC, under the reign of Le Nhan Ton, the technique began to be used for decorative items. At that time lacquer products were permitted to be used only by Emperors and Empresses. Lacquerware is an incredibly time consuming art form.

Lacquer itself is a natural resin that is found by tapping the cay son tree. It is milky white in its natural state and is made black by mixing with resin for over forty hours in an iron container. The iron oxide blackens the lacquer and the resin gives it a gloss.

All of our products are handmade. We have created these introductions for you to learn a little more about how our products are made and and how to take better are of your Wetter product.


We will be adding more introductions in the future so please keep checking back.

The process begins after finding the correct base and a form is made, which is then coated, filled and sanded over a period of over 90 days. First, 10-12 layers of natural lacquer are applied. During this stage each layer is polished using water. In the final stage of this process 5 to 10 layers of colors are added. The very last layer of color is polished with a very fine coal powder to make the lacquer shiny.

Genuine lacquer has existed in the Far East for thousands of years. It is a living material whose value and beauty increase with time. Wetter Indochine brings to you traditional lacquer in its pureness combined with the innovation of a western feeling.

Lacquerware is a very unique substance. With the proper care, your lacquer will give you much enjoyment for many years to come. The following tips will help to keep your lacquer product looking its best at all times:

  • To clean, please use lukewarm water, mild soap and a soft sponge.
  • Products are not recommended for use in the dishwasher.
  • Products are not suitable for high temperatures.
  • All of our lacquerware products are water resistant. However, due to the fact that they are handmade, we recommend using a glass or metal container during water usage.
  • To bring out more shine, polish with mild car wax (for use on shiny finish only).
  • Products are not suitable for oily substances (matte finish only).
  • All lacquer products are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.