For centuries rattan has been an important product in Vietnam and still today, people are using wicker products for fishing, planting, harvesting and the construction of their homes and furniture.

Rattan is a member of the palm tree family. It grows in long slender stems which, climb on trees in the rainforest. It can grow in length to over 200 meters to reach the light above the forest canopy. Harvesting can be very challenging due to the landscapes and the relative inaccessibility of the jungle. There is no particular harvesting season for rattan and it grows year round.

All of our products are handmade. We have created these introductions for you to learn a little more about how our products are made and and how to take better are of your Wetter product.


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The bark, or skin, of rattan is extremely hard and durable, while the inside is softer and porous. Before you can start with the process of weaving the rattan, you need to take off the skin and separate it from the inside. The skin is used as a thread for weaving the product. Because of its strength and flexibility, there are almost no limits to its design and shape. With little maintenance, rattan is suitable for usage in the kitchen, the bathroom, for your living room and even outdoors.

Rattan has become a very famous and popular product in households around the world. Wetter Indochine brings you rattan with the highest quality and most modern design.

Each rattan product is handmade in Vietnam using traditional methods. Small imperfections are to be expected and add a unique touch of handicraft to all of our products. Rattan requires very little maintenance. To ensure the beauty and life of your rattan product, we recommend the following steps in caring for your product:


  • To clean, use a soft cleaning brush or wash with water and let dry.
  • Please keep away from areas of high temperature, such as around the fireplace.
  • All rattan products are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.