Water hyacinth is one of the fastest growing plants known. It is an aquatic floating plant that grows on the surface of rivers and lakes. When water hyacinth is harvested, it is pulled from the water and then the leaves and roots are cut from the stalks. The bare stalks are then cleaned in fresh water and left in the sun to dry for two to three weeks. During this time the stalks will change in colour from green to a light brown.

All of our products are handmade. We have created these introductions for you to learn a little more about how our products are made and and how to take better are of your Wetter product.


We will be adding more introductions in the future so please keep checking back.

When the stalks are completely dried out, they become a flexible material which is perfect for weaving and its natural texture gives it a very soft appearance. Waterhyacinth products are very durable and are suitable for any climate.

All of our water hyacinth products are hand made in Vietnam by the most skilled craftsmen using traditional methods. Wetter Indochine brings to you water hyacinth in its highest quality with the most modern of designs.

Small imperfections are to be expected and add a unique touch of handicraft to each product. To ensure the life and beauty of your waterhyacinth product, we recommend the following steps in caring for your product:

  • To clean, use a soft cleaning brush or wash with water and let dry.
  • Please keep away from areas of high temperature, such as around the fireplace.
  • All waterhyacinth products are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.