The world we live in eternally is changing and many of us find our lives evolving with it. Throughout the granules of time from one generation to the next, our homes have been shaped according to our lifestyles. Our home is often the place of retreat, where we find our peace and quiet. Since its inception in 1998, Wetter (Indochine) Limited has continuously ventured in remaining cutting edge.

Wetter is a modern lifestyle company with a passion for quality, pureness, simplicity and design combined with an Asian sophistication. We offer a variety of products, which range from lacquer, rattan, bamboo, wood, metal, water hyacinth and sea grass.

Table & Kitchen
The modern home today is about lifestyle: a haven of simplicity, comfort and style.


From the moment we wake to the moment we return to rest; when we entertain, work or relax our home seeks to balance the life beyond our walls.
Table & Kitchen

We are confident that you will find as much pleasure in our product lines as we have found in searching for and creating them. Our products are truly remarkable handicrafts that will in time only increase in both value and beauty. We offer to you our vision of contemporary living coupled with tradition.

Wetter Indochine is a leading home accessories company specializing in high quality products made in Vietnam. We carry our own in-house designed brand labels, Wetter Indochine, Wetter Wonton and wetterhome.com. We also have the ability to work privately and create exclusive limited designs for our clients.

We would like to thank you for your interest in our company and we look forward to the opportunity in working with you.